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So, I wanted to invite you to join us at our family reunion, something we want to have every year.  The idea for this event spawned from my belief that the hip hop community needs to be less competitive and more collaborative.  

For us, FC is a family. It started out with Jimmy, Lute and Schyler and then when Ry decided to spit some verses they became Forever FC.  The label was a natural progression so we called it FC Music Group and added Tange Lomax and Lynn Kieno to the roster...

Being in North Carolina, Charlotte specifically, there are a number of artists that FC has connected with either as friends, collaborators or peers..sometimes all three. So I thought we should include them, and their families as well.

That's how the line up came about, but as far as the day itself, here is what I want to deliver. A celebration of the roots and culture of the music we all love. If you know and understand the history there are elements of hip hop from it's origination:

The MC, The DJ, The B-Boy and The Tagger to that end:


     We have some scheduled performances that will be scattered throughout the day but if I know you, I may just randomly ask you to jump on stage and show your skills. Also, if you think you can freestyle off the top be ready when I give you a topic to give me a verse.


     Some of the best DJ's in the city are a part of our family, so they have been invited to show off their talents as well...Im hoping for a lot of vinyl!  Also, PRODUCERS, bring your cards, jump drives etc. We are setting up a listening station so you can share your beats with any MC's that are in need ( they are always in need! ).


     This is a challenge, we will have an area where you can spin on your head if you want, I miss the days of Crazy Legs, but it seems a dying art...prove me wrong!


     I consider you all artists but the name sticks for historical reasons. We are going to have canvases around the venue so if you are an artist, please bring paint, pens whatever you use and feel free to create on site. At the end we will collect the pieces and I will post them here as promotion but also auction them off as a part of our Indiegogo campaign ( if you don't want to donate it just let me know ).

We are opening the doors at 3pm, after 5pm the price goes up, so don't be too cool to come hang out...like I said, this is a celebration and it's going til the bar closes or it clears out whichever comes first.

Oh, and if you didn't notice our extended family is coming from out of town to celebrate with us, Meka and Shake, THE 2 Dope Boyz are flying into the city to see first hand how the Carolina's is creating a community. We also have some other writers from Complex and the Source joining us as well.

                                                                                                    ~ Miss Amy

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** P.S. If you are a brand or want to sponsor the event, contact Saloan Rochelle or Miss Dimplez. We will have merch tables for folks to offer up products and services!

( Click Here for a detailed explanation on the Pop Up performances)